Outdoor Sports Rental

Rentals Pickup at 1551 South Park St

Not a store. Location only for pickup

Email/Call us to book before coming

  • Prices are PER 24 hours
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Only accept credit cards due to no-deposit
  • NO REFUND after pickup time or early return.
  • Road assistance coming soon but not now. Please plan your route carefully
  • Bring your own helmets or rent from us, and must be worn at all times while cycling
  • Rent and use At Your Own Risk!

*If you need broken bike repaired immediately when travelling outside of Halifax carrying the rental bike: Find any bike shop to fix it and bring the original receipt back, we will reimburse 60%


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No parking worries. Forget gas prices. Stay fit. Stay protected. Try different camping products at one station.

Contact: [email protected]

Google maps search: Bikefuns.ca

Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. As a small business, we do not provide personal liability coverage. Customers are responsible for their own coverage. Rent and use bikes and accessories at your own risk.

Rental prices subject to change without notice.